Kepulauan Book Launch

QK9A5323After months of preparation, the book launch is finally here! Held on Sunday, 9 Nov 2014 at the Singapore Writers Festival Pavilion on the Campus Green of Singapore Management University, I went down to take a look at the physical book for the first time =)

The cover image is one of my oil paintings 😉QK9A5307Some of the other books at the launch, including Catherine Lim’s newest collection:QK9A5130The lady herself signing books at the event:

QK9A5197QK9A5199But we’re here for Kepulauan, which is launching with another book called Red Pulse II.

QK9A5027I love how Kepulauan is felicitously green next to Red Pulse – which incidentally is also the schema that I used in my painting – a crimson red chinese junk against a stormy glacier green sea.


The festivities kick off with a tête-à-tête with the editors, Zhang Jieqiang, Hidhir Razak and Marcus Tan.

QK9A5053Writers Tysha Khan, Alyssa Teo and Hidhir Razak (who’s also one of our editors) gave readings of their poems.

QK9A5065 QK9A5072QK9A5056QK9A5092Look at all these people at the launch!

QK9A5109QK9A5112 QK9A5104 QK9A5113 QK9A5142 QK9A5150Tysha does a little book signing of her own…

QK9A5164 QK9A5172I hunted down the editors and got my book signed too!

QK9A5182 QK9A5184So happy to get an exclusive signed book =)

QK9A5181 QK9A5188 QK9A5186I also did some signing although I didn’t write any of the poems in the book!

QK9A5245QK9A5235QK9A5240The guy in the checkered shirt is Crispin, one of the contributing poets in Kepulauan.

QK9A5250QK9A5228Evelyn Lee, whose poems also appear in Kepulauan:

QK9A5217QK9A5218Here I’m with Adeleena on my right and Diana on my left from Ethos Books. The book wouldn’t have been possible without them.

QK9A5219QK9A5042 QK9A5028 QK9A5329 QK9A5336 QK9A5346