“The Best of You” exhibition initiated by Julie’s

I think everyone who grew up in Singapore would be familiar with Julie’s.IMG_7577I’m really glad to be part of the lineup in their “The Best of You” exhibition held at the central atrium of Marina Square from 13-18 Oct 2015.IMG_7579I showed Teppei because I feel that it fits in most with the theme. Audiences’ reactions to it are always fascinating to see:UH3A9424teppei writeupThe exhibition revolves around the stories of ordinary people placed side by side with the stories of personalities such as Cultural Medallion winner Dick Lee as ordinary people:UH3A9533On to the artworks at the exhibition:

Here’s someone looking at Within/Without by Ivan Lee Mora, a glass artist based in Los Angeles, California:UH3A9527UH3A9492My favourite piece at the show is probably Dan Takeda’s 心 kokoro. From the outside it’s an assuming hole in the wall obscured by black drapes:UH3A9449UH3A9453UH3A9461Upon entering however, it’s like another world. There’s only a tatami mat, the smell of incense, and an orchid with its roots exposed suspended in the air.kokoro

Arthur who invited me to be part of the show. I sat beside him when we were in Primary 1 and this is the first time we’ve spoken to each other in 20 years!UH3A9483I felt very loved by my parents who came all the way down to Marina Square for me. My husband caught my dad taking a photo of Teppei with his handphone. UH3A9519UH3A9523UH3A9576UH3A9644

Official website of the exhibition:


“Living Stills” @ Utterly Art

I had the privilege of writing 3 essays in the catalogue for the group show “Living Stills” featuring the works of Mr Ling Yang Chang, Mr Richard Lim and Mr Foo Kwee Horng (download it here: Catalogue – “Living Stills”). The show which opened at Utterly Art on 25 Jun 2015 featured 3 interpretations of the still life genre in 3 different mediums – watercolour, oil and chinese ink.  IMG_7028IMG_7030Snapshot of the opening night (pulled from Mr Lim’s FB):10400020_10153413324533664_7106030888837611923_n

“Life Series” by Shirley Poh

IMG_3636I’m thankful for the opportunity to curate with Chankerk, the first exhibition of Shirley Poh – “Life Series” (Download the exhibition essay written by me here: Exhibition Essay – “Life Series”).

Setting up:IMG_3428Chankerk is the most experienced amongst us at hanging shows. He had to rush off for a meeting though so it’s up us 3 ladies to hold the fort! IMG_3439IMG_3518Xinyi lending her keen eye to see if the paintings are hung exaaactly right:IMG_3516IMG_3571 IMG_3599And it’s finally done!! IMG_3668IMG_3667 Now, to wait until the guests start streaming in at 6-ish, 7 when the opening is scheduled to start. IMG_3519The star of the night – artist behind all the paintings:IMG_4048Guests leaving well wishes for Shirley in the guestbook:IMG_4025Exhibition postcards designed by Xinyi:IMG_4222The crowd:IMG_4029Chankerk introducing the exhibition:IMG_4133IMG_4130IMG_4150IMG_4166IMG_4165IMG_4451IMG_4454IMG_4441IMG_3999IMG_4089IMG_4250IMG_4019IMG_4356Much of “Life” in Shirley’s case is spent living amongst people – at work and within a large, close-knitted extended family. What struck me most that night were the people from Shirley’s life congregating in the gallery whose universal concerns inspired the series on display. Did they see themselves mirrored within the picture frames?IMG_4315

Kepulauan Book Launch

QK9A5323After months of preparation, the book launch is finally here! Held on Sunday, 9 Nov 2014 at the Singapore Writers Festival Pavilion on the Campus Green of Singapore Management University, I went down to take a look at the physical book for the first time =)

The cover image is one of my oil paintings 😉QK9A5307Some of the other books at the launch, including Catherine Lim’s newest collection:QK9A5130The lady herself signing books at the event:

QK9A5197QK9A5199But we’re here for Kepulauan, which is launching with another book called Red Pulse II.

QK9A5027I love how Kepulauan is felicitously green next to Red Pulse – which incidentally is also the schema that I used in my painting – a crimson red chinese junk against a stormy glacier green sea.


The festivities kick off with a tête-à-tête with the editors, Zhang Jieqiang, Hidhir Razak and Marcus Tan.

QK9A5053Writers Tysha Khan, Alyssa Teo and Hidhir Razak (who’s also one of our editors) gave readings of their poems.

QK9A5065 QK9A5072QK9A5056QK9A5092Look at all these people at the launch!

QK9A5109QK9A5112 QK9A5104 QK9A5113 QK9A5142 QK9A5150Tysha does a little book signing of her own…

QK9A5164 QK9A5172I hunted down the editors and got my book signed too!

QK9A5182 QK9A5184So happy to get an exclusive signed book =)

QK9A5181 QK9A5188 QK9A5186I also did some signing although I didn’t write any of the poems in the book!

QK9A5245QK9A5235QK9A5240The guy in the checkered shirt is Crispin, one of the contributing poets in Kepulauan.

QK9A5250QK9A5228Evelyn Lee, whose poems also appear in Kepulauan:

QK9A5217QK9A5218Here I’m with Adeleena on my right and Diana on my left from Ethos Books. The book wouldn’t have been possible without them.

QK9A5219QK9A5042 QK9A5028 QK9A5329 QK9A5336 QK9A5346