Royal College of Art MRes Exhibition & Symposium

A year flies by so quickly. I’ve submitted my thesis, finished my viva examinations and here are the installation and private view photos of my graduation show:

DSC_0365The weight of the paint is > 9.5kg! My classmate Lauren helped to hold up the box so I could better control where the paint is going.


IMG_20180906_151405.jpgLauren installing her own paintings.

IMG_20180906_145741Harri moving her sculptures into the gallery.

IMG_20180906_122418.jpgOver at the other gallery, Fuen is painting on the wall.

IMG_20180907_164624.jpgFeliciè and her installation.

IMG_20180906_144334.jpgAfter the paint is poured, it needs to be sculpted.

Visitors to the private view:_N5A2326_edit.jpg


_N5A2369_edit.jpgTouchy touchy touch…

_N5A2382_edit.jpgYum yum yumz…

Loose leaf takeaway catalogue pages Riso printed with Studio Hato.


I was part of the panel of 6 for the first symposium, “Knowledge Production Through Practice – Deconstruction as Method”. The second was, “Imagining Alternative Futures – Speculative Design to Rethink Existing Structures”. IMG_20180913_135224_BURST4

Happy graduation everyone!DSC_0825.JPG



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