Pass-the-Parcel @ StudioRCA

DSC00341Spring term at RCA concluded with a group show at StudioRCA with my MRes coursemates. We called our group exhibition, “Pass-the-Parcel” and we just had our opening on 26 April. As you can see from the poster (designed by yours truly!), it’s jam packed with para-activities all the way to the last day:Poster with namesWe started installing from 23 April.

This is Lauren Iredale hanging her double-sided paintings:IMG_20180424_103839.jpgHarri Hudspith installing her sculpture:IMG_20180423_141427.jpgFuen Chin helping Félicie Kertudo to sew her curtains:img_20180424_181653.jpgFuen again – discussing with Joel Chan how to hang the multimedia component in her work. Joel, an ex-RCA graduate himself from MA Sculpture, helped us out with the installation:IMG_20180424_171701.jpgWalls needed a coat of paint, and this was done by me:IMG_20180423_164120Joel adjusting the projector to show Harri and Laura Sullivan’s collaborative work, Embody:IMG_20180424_182854.jpgXiaoyi Nie, our curatorial contributor, checking out Félicie’s work:DSC00421.jpgJoel again, using a spirit level to check my shelves:IMG_20180424_111143.jpgAnd this is how my 5 paint objects look like installed!DSC00338.jpgDSC00333 straighten.jpgDSC00334DSC00335DSC00336 straighten.jpgDSC00337DSC00345Joel checking the spirit level again for my work installed on another wall:IMG_20180424_160140.jpgHow it looks like installed:DSC00322DSC00323DSC00324DSC00326DSC00327DSC00328Posters are stuck:DSC00357.jpgDSC00375.jpgDSC00352Harri’s seminar, The Way of Perfection, was the first event that took place in the space on 26 April:IMG_20180426_160240Guests started streaming in at 6pm, when our exhibition officially opens:

DSC00794.jpgOur tutor, Kimathi Donkor, participating in Laura’s interactive work, Rubbings, rubbing out her drawing with the erasers and gloves provided:DSC00580.jpgDSC00859.jpgDSC00446.jpgDSC00791.jpgDSC00780.jpgDSC00687DSC00726DSC00760.jpgDSC00765DSC00867At 7pm, Allan Struthers started his performance, What Are You Arguing About Now? Relational Aesthetics:DSC00854I felt like I was filming a sitcom with everybody watching:DSC00825DSC00849DSC00828.jpgDSC00809In the end we named the piece, “Is there anybody up there” and signed our names on the back of the card:IMG_20180426_202039IMG_20180426_202030Laura carried out her workshop, Playing the Field, soon after:IMG_20180426_200439.jpgIMG_20180426_202727.jpgIMG_20180426_202744And that pretty much sums up our opening! Pass-the-Parcel is on till 29 April if you’d like to stop by!DSC00887.jpg


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