AcrossRCA Week – Edible Communities

IMG_20171103_162834So I’m into my third month in London at the Royal College of Art (RCA). It’s been great fun living in a new city, meeting people from all over the world, and continuing my practice with food. Thought that I’d take some time to type up some of the things that I’ve been up to and share them here.

Last week was AcrossRCA week and as the name suggests, it is a week where we get a chance to collaborate with people from different disciplines across the college on a project. The project that I’m involved in is called “Edible Communities”, and what we’re trying to do is to foster a community through – you guessed it – food! The title picture is how our mobile kitchen looked like, which we built from scrap material scavenged throughout the college ^-^

On the first day, we had breakfast together and a potluck lunch (my kind of bonding session ;p) and drew up plans for how we wanted out mobile kitchen to look.

IMG_20171030_100320Waffles cooking for breakfast!

IMG_20171030_131653Tada! Our potluck lunch – everyone made something (I made the dumplings with the help of my Singaporean friends at Lee Abbey ^-^).

IMG_20171031_123220Day 2 – We had Finn from MA Sculpture a couple of years back to help with some serious building. Yay!

On Day 3, we visited Duchess Farms ( and learnt a lot about sustainable farming practices from Oscar, which I won’t repeat here. I’m not a farmer, but I was very inspired to do my part as a consumer to make better choices…

IMG_20171101_111434.jpgTaking the overground to Duchess Farms at Hertfordshire…

IMG_20171101_111815.jpgOn Oscar’s wagon!

IMG_20171101_112353.jpgThis barn is 200 years old, and it’s a really good painting studio as you can see in the background ^-^

IMG_20171101_120048.jpgMax feeding vegetable scraps to the Dexters on the farm.

IMG_20171101_124043.jpgOscar and his rapeseed crop – and Cam ^-^

IMG_20171101_125116.jpgThat is John Lennon’s house in the backgound 🙂

On Thursday, we put finishing touches to the mobile kitchen, bought groceries… and we’re ready for our opening on Friday!

img_20171102_170940.jpgOur mobile kitchen collapses into this handy little thing ^-^ The legs become trolley handles and Xiao Mo here is trying it out.

img_20171103_134942.jpgWe tried to use quality organic ingredients…

FB_IMG_1509742271593We made our pasta from a scratch, dyeing it pink with beetroot juice, and blue with purple cabbage 🙂

IMG_20171103_163110.jpgIMG_20171103_163133.jpgOur noodles ready made, and our vegetables neatly chopped for the opening at 5.30pm!

23270227_1307896382647851_650740298183371407_o.jpgGuests can snip off bits of ingredients from this hanging rack as toppings for their noodles.

23155120_1307894939314662_4076318066126921961_oOur guests are here!

23120011_1307894992647990_997901035845770554_o23270444_1307894709314685_2348250246271910606_o23157220_1307895275981295_4520373270189666775_o23244494_500152647015743_8500212723187023853_nWe also made vegetable dumplings out of pasta skin! Our noodles are meat-free 🙂

That concludes our project! I hope we can take our mobile kitchen more places ^-^ And this is the most complete photo I can find of all the people in our wonderful group:

IMG_20171030_131735.jpgClockwise around the table from left: Sara Ozvaldic, Smriti Prasad (from whom I stole some of the photos on this blog post), Ni Wangxia (from whom I stole the photo of the dumplings :D), Wang Keren, Joseph Gabriel, Ryo Tada (who took the photo of the pasta making process), Nora Silva, Ines Neto dos Santos, Kathleen Reilly, Henriette Holz, and last of all, yours truly ;p

FB_IMG_1509662339815I’d like to conclude with this picture of us walking around the farm with our blue shoes (photo by Ines) 😀



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