“The Best of You” exhibition initiated by Julie’s

I think everyone who grew up in Singapore would be familiar with Julie’s.IMG_7577I’m really glad to be part of the lineup in their “The Best of You” exhibition held at the central atrium of Marina Square from 13-18 Oct 2015.IMG_7579I showed Teppei because I feel that it fits in most with the theme. Audiences’ reactions to it are always fascinating to see:UH3A9424teppei writeupThe exhibition revolves around the stories of ordinary people placed side by side with the stories of personalities such as Cultural Medallion winner Dick Lee as ordinary people:UH3A9533On to the artworks at the exhibition:

Here’s someone looking at Within/Without by Ivan Lee Mora, a glass artist based in Los Angeles, California:UH3A9527UH3A9492My favourite piece at the show is probably Dan Takeda’s 心 kokoro. From the outside it’s an assuming hole in the wall obscured by black drapes:UH3A9449UH3A9453UH3A9461Upon entering however, it’s like another world. There’s only a tatami mat, the smell of incense, and an orchid with its roots exposed suspended in the air.kokoro

Arthur who invited me to be part of the show. I sat beside him when we were in Primary 1 and this is the first time we’ve spoken to each other in 20 years!UH3A9483I felt very loved by my parents who came all the way down to Marina Square for me. My husband caught my dad taking a photo of Teppei with his handphone. UH3A9519UH3A9523UH3A9576UH3A9644

Official website of the exhibition:


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