“Life Series” by Shirley Poh

IMG_3636I’m thankful for the opportunity to curate with Chankerk, the first exhibition of Shirley Poh – “Life Series” (Download the exhibition essay written by me here: Exhibition Essay – “Life Series”).

Setting up:IMG_3428Chankerk is the most experienced amongst us at hanging shows. He had to rush off for a meeting though so it’s up us 3 ladies to hold the fort! IMG_3439IMG_3518Xinyi lending her keen eye to see if the paintings are hung exaaactly right:IMG_3516IMG_3571 IMG_3599And it’s finally done!! IMG_3668IMG_3667 Now, to wait until the guests start streaming in at 6-ish, 7 when the opening is scheduled to start. IMG_3519The star of the night – artist behind all the paintings:IMG_4048Guests leaving well wishes for Shirley in the guestbook:IMG_4025Exhibition postcards designed by Xinyi:IMG_4222The crowd:IMG_4029Chankerk introducing the exhibition:IMG_4133IMG_4130IMG_4150IMG_4166IMG_4165IMG_4451IMG_4454IMG_4441IMG_3999IMG_4089IMG_4250IMG_4019IMG_4356Much of “Life” in Shirley’s case is spent living amongst people – at work and within a large, close-knitted extended family. What struck me most that night were the people from Shirley’s life congregating in the gallery whose universal concerns inspired the series on display. Did they see themselves mirrored within the picture frames?IMG_4315

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